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Moral dilemma over justice

Published:Tuesday | February 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM


We are still a religious nation, and most Jamaicans from childhood are taught to tell the truth. Sergeant Jubert Llewellyn could have had those 'gold bars' and be well on his way to becoming commissioner of police, if his allegations are true, but he will probably remain an honest sergeant.

Senior Superintendent James Forbes is Sandals Resorts International's corporate security consultant, Bruce Bicknell, the Tank-Weld boss, is back at his desk, and the Honourable Daryl Vaz will return to Parliament and serve his constituents.

The National Integrity Action (NIA) stressed that there is "equality before the law". NIA also said, "Regrettably, but indisputably, too many experiences in Jamaica confirm that the wealthy, prominent or politically connected are treated in a privileged way by the justice system compared to the disadvantaged, the vulnerable, the poor and those who have no connection."

What would you have done if you faced the same circumstances? With so many young Jamaicans choosing to abandon their Jamaican citizenship in order to seek opportunities abroad, even though they can have dual citizenship, there is no doubt we are facing a moral dilemma.


Siloah, St Elizabeth