Fri | Aug 17, 2018

Non-voters betray heroes' sacrifice

Published:Wednesday | February 25, 2015 | 12:00 AMTHE EDITOR, Sir:

Many Jamaicans have concluded that it makes no sense to vote. These persons are the greatest contributors to all that's detrimental to Jamaica.

In all their thinking, they have failed to realise one fundamental point: Regardless of what happens or does not happen, whether they vote or do not vote, somebody will become the councillor, somebody will become the member of parliament, and, ultimately, somebody will become the prime minister.

Our forefathers fought to give us this right of universal adult suffrage, yet we have reached the point where many do not want to participate anymore.

Since whether we vote or not, someone still gets the job, the fundamental question is why we should take a passive approach by not participating, thus, allowing someone else to decide for us.

Everyone has the right to vote and help decide who manages the affairs of the nation, so let us not leave it to the few, but instead put all hands on deck to assist in creating a better country.

I implore all Jamaicans who possess the intellect to think and reason, to analyse and conclude that they must once again be active participants in the political process, because if they don't decide, somebody else will decide for you.