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Orville Higgins not a friend of facts

Published:Wednesday | February 25, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I am only just seeing the article by Orville Higgins in last Saturday's Gleaner in which he tries once again to besmirch my good name. All he ever succeeds in doing is proving that he continues to be considered among that bunch of second-rate journalists who never check their facts before putting pen to paper.

Billy Heaven, chairman of the Jamaica Cricket Association, stated that he had obtained two opinions, one from a Queen's Counsel and the other from junior counsel. Despite the blessing of Mr Higgins to categorise me, I do not qualify in either category.

Mr Higgins then seeks to blame me for the confusion of the meeting. I attended the meeting in my position as honorary life member and was not advising anyone.

I was appalled at the behaviour of the meeting which, to me, is an indication of the state of cricket in Jamaica. Mr Heaven asked my advice once during the confusion, and I told him what I thought he should do and I would not be prepared to tell an unreliable journalist like Mr Higgins what I said to him.

The sad part is that Mr Higgins was hanging around the meeting and only had to ask either Mr Heaven or myself what was my role to discover the facts. Unfortunately, the facts do not matter to Mr Higgins, and maybe it is time his employers consider how important the facts are to them.

I expect an apology, although that is not his usual style.