Mon | Sep 24, 2018

Bigger problems than buying student athletes

Published:Thursday | February 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I do hope that that the minister of education's proposal in Parliament concerning student athletes is an attempt to reduce the questionable practices surrounding the acquisition and the maintenance of decent academic and other records of the students in question.

I hope that schools will still be able to lure student athletes to hone both their academic and athletic skills and continue the great tradition that we have as a country. I am sure if you check, most athletes have poor academic records - like many of our musicians who do well financially. And although education can open doors for all of us, some of us will not do that well and will have other attributes to lean on.

The problem with this student 'buying' is part of a bigger problem where the Ministry of Education still fails to put systems in place to properly document the activities of students and, of course, this minister seems to think that resorting to legislation will curb it, but it may very well 'kill' the future and chances of these students.

Overall, we have poor results coming from our education system, anyway, and this can be attributed to a poor-performing minister who seems to do his best job at functions: public utterances galore. It seems to me that this minister of education is being given a pass on many things at which he is actually failing. There is a report from the auditor general that speaks to contracts being given out by the ministry without the proper procedures being followed.

Therefore, the minister needs to make his portfolio more efficient for a start and stop 'try box bread' out of some of these young and trying talents' mouths and put measures in place to 'BUILD' and not destroy, as he seems to enjoy doing.