Thu | Jan 17, 2019

Jamaica in deep trouble

Published:Thursday | February 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM


So we have a government that does not value education, and we have an opposition leader who is showing his true colours - that you cannot believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

The man stood contrite before God and man and offered an apology for his misdeeds, much to the effect that he made it known he was not responsible for drafting the famous letters, yet lo and behold, he is now appealing that which he was not responsible for! Any sankey can sing suh? And people actually think he is better than what we have now? Seriously?

Common sense would dictate that if, a) he was not responsible, and, b) he offered an apology, then clearly he has no clue. If Andrew Holness is the best Jamaica has to offer against the tragedy called the People's National Party, then Jamaica is truly in a lot of trouble.

One would think that as the leader of the opposition, in trying to get the votes of the people in the next election, that Holness would be speaking to the people and letting them know that he would be doing things differently to put Jamaica back on track. Instead, he is arrogant enough to suggest that people should not question the business of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). Were he not so arrogant and full of himself, he would understand the fact that as the party that hopes to hold the victory seat at some point, the business of the JLP automatically becomes the business of all Jamaicans.

Weeks ago, I asked those who support him what were his plans for the country in terms of adequate health care, the issue of crime, etc. To date, I am yet to receive an answer that makes any sense.

In light of what is happening, where the PNP does not value education, and the leader of the opposition being more concerned about being right, it shows that Jamaica is truly going, gone, and dun tun over to the dogs.

At this point, I would take the words of Mr Crawford and say that not only young Jamaicans should pack up and leave, but every Jamaican who can afford to should, as clearly, the only thing that matters at this point to the leaders on both sides is power at whatever cost.

While Portia is looking for queen ship, Andrew is striving for dictatorship. Neither is any good for a country that claims independence, but the money nuh value nutten, or a country where only the name 'Jamaica' is left to be sold to foreign investors.