Thu | Dec 13, 2018

Returnees to UK hobbled by chik-V

Published:Friday | February 27, 2015 | 11:00 PM


I read your articles relating to chik-V and am as concerned as others who live on the island.

I have been visiting Jamaica on and off for many years, as I love my country. I visited Jamaica at the end of December, and not long after my arrival, to my amazement, I was extremely ill with flu-like symptoms and was knocked off my feet and spent most of the entire three weeks I was on the island in bed. I could not eat and was anxious to leave and return to the UK.

When I arrived back in the UK, being barely able to walk, I was rushed to my general practitioner and was given an eight-day course of antibiotics that has helped somewhat but I have still to recover.

My joints are still extremely pained. My GP is confident this illness is linked to something I picked up on my brief trip and sadly advised me that this is going to take many months to come out of my system.

Day by day here in the UK, we are hearing of many other cases where people are coming back very ill and unable to walk - literally 'ben' up' or crippled - after having arrived in Jamaica fit and well.

I am pleading with our prime minister, health minister and all concerned to please investigate this virus further, as all visitors and would-be returnees to Jamaica need to know the truth about chik-V. I used mosquito repellent and nets; I could not be any more careful, yet I was very sick.