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Dave Cameron, West Indies Cricket Board a bunch of twits

Published:Saturday | February 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I wish to personally thank Dave Cameron for the time he spent on Twitter berating his contracted players.

Even more to the point, I wish to thank his selectors, the very well-respected Clive Lloyd, Courtney Walsh and Courtney Browne, for believing that removing Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard and Ravi Rampaul, installing an infant as captain of the team on the cusp of the World Cup, with specious and frankly moronic and probably delusional utterances about future growth, would be better for us all. I hope you are all better off for it. We are not.

The BCCI is not swayed by that, and as his own inquiries determined, his board, WIPA and the players are responsible for the India fiasco.

I do not think that Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves ought to have openly campaigned against Mr Cameron the way he did. I do not know what Cameron's constituency will do in the upcoming elections, but clearly, he has the proclivity - and perhaps the talent - to be a blogger and a member of the Twitterati, rather than waste his time being president of the WICB.




As one of the fanatics who cricket makes mad, I was hoping that Cameron's elevation would have ended the years of the sporting gerontocracy, with its heavy dose of lack of transparency.

I suppose that those who voted for Cameron got what they voted for. If his re-election effort is successful, remember that the success of West Indies cricket has very little to do with Dave Cameron or his board, but with the players and us, the mad cricketing public.

I apologise for disturbing you. You may now return to your tweeting.