Wed | Aug 15, 2018

Highway robbery

Published:Monday | March 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM


My motor vehicle, a van with CMC plates, was stopped by a policeman in a traffic check. The driver, after presenting the documents, was told by the policeman that he was writing a ticket for the violation of not having the vehicle weight displayed.

The driver objected and alighted from the vehicle to show the markings on the side of the van. He was told by the policeman that since the ticket was in the process of being written, it would be a problem for the policeman to cancel, as he did not want to explain the error to his superiors. The fine is $800, and it was suggested to my driver to just pay the 'smalls' and not worry.

I sent my driver to the police station to complain. He was told that this matter is for the Traffic Court. So now, I am faced with the choice of paying the 'smalls' or losing time and incurring more costs to attend court. I ask you, "Left or write? New taxation or robbery?"


Spanish Town, St Catherine