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Save ganja from foreign cartels

Published:Tuesday | March 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM


It's a slap in the face, this talk of Jamaica having a Colorado group, team, investors, explorer, consultant or whatever they may call themselves, coming to the island to teach Jamaicans how to grow weed.

Mi mumma never heard nothing like this. Jamaica has good organic herb which farmers have been growing for years. Jamaica has scientists that have been experimenting on weed for years. This is an insult to have hurry-come-up foreign people with a hurry-come-up company coming to teach us something we already know and have been doing for years.

Is this the second coming of Christopher Columbus? Jamaican lawmakers and people mussi lick dem head.

We don't have oil or we don't have vast wealth that was handed down to us. We had bauxite; now it's gone. Sugar cane; that's gone, too. Now they want to take away the weed after so many Jamaicans have suffered, gone to prison, and died.

Wake up, Jamaicans, before it's too late.


Sebring, Florida