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So what if we condemn Kayalicia killings?

Published:Friday | March 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Kayalicia Simpson's death has drawn cries of condemnation. Make no mistake: The incidence of brutality indicates that we have our very own Daesh (ISIS) within these 4,411 square miles of Jamaica.

What bothers me is the lack of a massive outrage. I have seen how we can come together when we have much to celebrate, but how about some mass outcry and unity against evil when our little girls are gruesomely murdered?

Simply marching with a few placards is not enough. We need more than photo opportunities and press releases of condemnation. It is time for our outrage to be actionable; we cannot wait and must use the pain of this tragic loss to start talking.

The St Thomas police need help. This anti-informer mentality has got us nowhere. It cramps police work and intelligence and only allows Beelzebubs to roam our roads and snatch our children. Although unaware of the exact circumstances of this case, information is generally needed to stop child killers, rapists and molesters BEFORE they pounce. Mothers and wives must break their silence, swallow their pride and save our little girls.

I am really growing tired of after-the-fact condemnation. Here we go again, expressing condemnation for one more brutal hacking to death of a child whose school principal says was in line to record eight CSEC passes had she been given an opportunity. She was up early to get ready for her journey to school and perished while wearing her school uniform.


unanswered questions


It is yet to be revealed what was going on in this brute's mind why she had to be killed and in such a horrible manner. Was she uncooperative about something, or what story was she about to tell? Was it because she was the first little one to appear or did she look at him with fear or disdain? Was she too bright and angelic?

We are so quick on the keyboard to rush off a letter for press release to let everyone know that we condemn the killing of our babies, but I'd much rather we become mad enough to act before another little angel dies.

I am a little sick of reading about condemnation. Is that all we can really do? Sit back, hear about these brutal murders and condemn them?