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Drivers tempt fate on Anchovy road

Published:Saturday | March 7, 2015 | 12:00 AM

This letter concerns the main roadway in the Anchovy area of St James, between Lethe Crossroads and King's Gate district.

Some praying residents in this area have stopped to recount the lives that have been lost, or nearly so, because of poor driving practices along the King's Gate to Lethe Crossroads stretch of the Anchovy main road in St James. Others who used that road weekly should also pause to recount the tragedy of lives lost.

My observation has been that there are drivers with a tendency to overtake just after ascending the Long Hill main road, on that narrow stretch at King's Gate going towards Anchovy.

More so, there are those with the inclination to recklessly overtake just before approaching Long Hill, going towards Reading, Montego Bay.

Time and again we have seen people in the King's Gate area having to pull into the corners of the roadway to avoid oncoming vehicles, or having to jump into the uncovered water trench/water channel out of fear of being hit off the sidewalk.

It is my belief that overtaking should be disallowed on getting to or approaching the summit of Long Hill, except where common sense warrants it. Signs indicating what the speed limit is on the stretch of road between Lethe Crossroads and King's Gate should also be erected.

Since there are also no proper sidewalks, let alone sidewalks with appropriate barriers in this area between King's Gate and Lethe Crossroads, I do wish that the National Works Agency and other concerned folks would look into this matter and help us make this thoroughfare safer for pedestrians, motorists and passengers.

R. Artwell

Montego Bay, St James