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Rescue Hanover from decay, abandonment

Published:Saturday | March 7, 2015 | 12:00 AM

With each passing day, I can't help but wonder what will become of the future of the people of Hanover and the general overall well-being of the future of my beloved parish.

From as far back as I can remember, in all my 27 years of existence, Hanover has always been the parish left behind - the one that gets the least attention and benefits of the tax dollars.

I know managing a country of almost three million people is a big task, but with power comes responsibility.

Despite the promises made by the MPs during their election campaigns of 2011, those pledges are yet to materialise, especially in Eastern Hanover.

On the glorious day of December 29th 2011, the people of Hanover elected Dr D.K. Duncan and Ian Hayles. The people of Eastern Hanover were fooled, tricked by empty promises. Among the promises made were the provision of jobs and the implementation of proper road and water infrastructure. They still remain a promise.

So far, I have yet to see what the people voted for. The only good roadway in Eastern Hanover may be sections of the North Coast Highway that pass through - and even that thoroughfare needs patching in some places.

For years now, the people of Jericho and surrounding communities, including Claremont, Morris, Retrieve, etc., have been battling with the lack of potable piped water. Promises were made to have water available by 2012. To date, not even all the pipelines have been laid.


insufficient supply


About two years ago, I wrote to the local paper about a situation similar to this and made mention of D.K. Duncan. Apparently, it wasn't well received by his people, and I got emails from his relative stating that Mr Duncan had bought water tanks for many communities in Hanover from his own pocket.

The people asked for access to piped water and you gave each community a 1,000-gallon water tank. What is a thousand gallons of water to a community of hundreds? And even with the tanks issued, when was the last time they were filled? I doubt they were filled 12 times over the past two years.

As for proper roadways, there is none leading to any of the communities mentioned above. The pipelines that were being laid only made matters worse, as the roadway was dug up to have the lines laid, reducing the flow of traffic to single lane ONLY. To be honest, most of the roads leading to Jericho and surrounding communities are in the same riverbed-like condition.

Cove Road, which is one of the main roads to the community from the Mosquito Cove end, was last repaired in 1996. Since then, no work has been done. Now, that road spells trouble and death, having no street lights and with craters that stretch as wide as the road itself, even trucks and other heavy duty vehicles have difficulties.

Other roads are no different. The road from Kew to Jericho has many breakaways. It, too, has sections that are reduced to single-lane traffic and no street lights either.

We, the people of Eastern Hanover - and extending to the west of the parish - demand a better way of life. We demand what was promised to us. For far too long we have being denied and forgotten.

I think it is about time the people took a stand. Not just the people of Hanover, but the people of Jamaica in general. NO PROGRESS, NO VOTE.

Jo Ainsley

Hanover citizen