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Save our kids from abuse

Published:Monday | March 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I must express shock and outrage at the recent attacks against our children. In two months, at least three teenage girls have been brutally murdered, two of whom were pregnant, and even our pre-teen boys are reporting molestation. And the most we can get from those in authority and leadership is 'mouth-talk'.

It is time to initiate policies that will protect our children, especially from the arms of predators that seem to have nothing better to do than to prey upon our children. Taking positive action will show that we are a civilised nation that cares for the most vulnerable in our society.

To begin, children should be transported in peace and quiet to and from school, and not be fed a steady diet of songs with dirty lyrics. Music has the ability to penetrate the subconscious and influence the thought pattern of the listener. Hence, the decent child who leaves home for school on transportation that belts out music with immoral lyrics is at great disadvantage.

It's not only in the home that we should care about the ratings for shows; due care should be given to the lyrics that students listen to before and after attending school.

Second, files should be created on children to ascertain those who are most vulnerable. Does a child have lunch and other necessities, or does she have to hustle to get funds to go to school? Fourteen-year-old pregnant girls cannot be the norm, and must never be the norm. Every step must be taken to assist our children to achieve their highest potential, including parenthood in due season.

Finally, the Government may need to revisit the idea of boarding schools as an option for students who live far from school. Double shift is not enough, and may even be downright contributory to some of the ills in the lives of our most precious resource, our children.

The nation must return to the adage that it takes a community to rear a child. We are responsible for each child that is born in our country, despite social standing, race or creed, and this needs to be emphasised in our schools, churches and institutions.

The time for action has arrived.


Glengoffe PO, St Catherine