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It could be your child next time

Published:Tuesday | March 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I am most perturbed by the frequency of reports of children who have been slain, prostituted or have simply been victimised in some way. All adults have a duty to protect, guide and help our young people.

Last year, a child was killed from a neighbouring parish. Last month, a child was reported missing from a neighbouring community. Last week, your neighbour's child was victimised and has become part of alarming statistics on children who have lost their lives prematurely.

Violence, abuse and death know no prejudice, and only draws nearer. At any moment, a child you know and love may be pounced upon by heartless criminals. If we are aware of who commits these gruesome acts against society's most vulnerable but valuable, we must take a stand. The time is now.

It is often said that, "The children are our future", but at some point in time, we must question the quality of the future that we are creating for ourselves, especially when part of it dies every day. The increase in child killings is not merely a cause for concern.

Violence against children is a beast which has manifested itself in our society, and requires a collective effort from everybody to be obliterated. We must protect our children. Let us utilise the avenues through which information may be reported to the relevant authorities. The young people of Jamaica are the future.

Meca-Gaye Francis

Miss Teen Jamaica 2014-2015

Kingston 20