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Letter of the Day: Punish animals who kill the unborn

Published:Tuesday | March 10, 2015 | 12:01 AM

I can understand why former Justice Minister Dorothy Lightbourne told us sometime ago that she doesn't take too much notice of the news. These past few weeks would make anybody depressed - with the killing of so many children saturating the news.

However, the murder of Kayalicia Simpson, that high-school student in St Thomas, is the one that has me thinking.

It has been reported that this young girl, who was murdered, was pregnant. Of course, one can only be enraged by the sexual predator that got her pregnant. However, what I would like to see is a change in the charge preferred against those who commit these kinds of murders.

I am sure that if, and when, the animal that killed that young girl is caught, he will be slapped with only one murder charge. I would like to see the law changed, with respect to these kinds of killings, to the accused being charged with more than one count of murder - one for the woman and one for each unborn child.

We have to get serious. We always make a lot of noise when children are being killed. Why is it that we don't take very resolute measures when unborn children are killed this way?

Also, I would be very upset if, should the law be changed, the convicted murderer is given concurrent sentences for the killing of any pregnant mother and her unborn child (or children). In cases like these, there should be no possibility of concurrent sentencing. Let the animals who kill pregnant women be punished harshly and spend all the time in jail for each murder - separately!

Michael A. Dingwall