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JLP drama a mix of comedy, tragedy

Published:Tuesday | March 10, 2015 | 12:56 PM


When Damion Crawford described a Labourite as a confused Comrade, it sounded condescending. But it would seem that there is some truth to it.

Delroy Chuck is telling us that Andrew Holness hired Abe Dabdoub to advise him on constitutional matters. What about Dr Lloyd Barnett or Bert Samuels?

Abe Dabdoub was the man who described himself as not being a loose cannon but a guided missile. After the 2007 general election when the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) narrowly won, Dabdoub went after his former colleagues whom he knew were dual citizens, especially Daryl Vaz. Dabdoub was Vaz's child's godfather, and they must have had close relations; he betrayed Vaz.

Today 'young' Andrew Holness is seeking advice from someone who has brought so much pain and suffering to his party.

Confusion, betrayal, distrust, lawsuits, clandestine letters, plots and subplots, drama, comedy. The JLP is beginning to look like a daytime soap opera instead of a relevant alternative political party. In fact, the only thing missing is romance.

Labourites must be battening down for another 18 and a half years in the political wilderness. When Mr Holness loses his court battle, naturally, he will resign. Who will succeed him? Audley Shaw?

Most of us thought that a young, fresh leader would

have given the JLP a new perspective and not indulge in Shakespearean theatrics, but we are sorely disappointed.

The People's National Party will not even have to campaign to win. The JLP is committing political suicide publicly. This is more hurtful than revenge porn.


Siloah PO, St Elizabeth