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Fatherless children no security blanket

Published:Monday | March 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I wish to congratulate the writer of the Letter of the Day (11/3/15), 'Rebuild walls of fatherhood to protect family'. There are so many elements that militate against family life, but, because of the make-up of the human person (comprised of masculinity and femininity), the number one cause of the deterioration of family life is the absence of responsible fathers in the home. Mr Michael Coombs has hit the nail on the head, and he has done so with irrefutable statistics: the majority of budding rapists, murderers and sociopaths are nurtured and developed in homes without a father. Isn't it time that our women who claim to love their children, wake up and smell the coffee? Children without a father's guidance and direction in the home will not necessary become the "security blanket" that so many women erroneously dream about in respect of their future and that of the children's. Prisons are full of unfulfilled dreams!

In addition, given that void in the home, the "forced ripe" behaviour that some mothers allow their girl children to adopt in imitation of what they observe on TV or experience at parties featuring dancehall music, would not be tolerated by a father in the home. I can't imagine a responsible father present in the home allowing his girl children to get away with such attitude and behaviour that undermine the desired self-esteem that his girls (and later young ladies) should have. We must rid ourselves, as a society, of perceiving of fathers as only disposable "sperm banks" whose deposit will result in interest paid for baby support and occasional visits. It's not without reason that God made them complementary "male" and "female" to fall in love in their service of life. That new life comprised of traits of masculinity and femininity yearns for both a mother and a father to nurture those traits. The absence of one parent results in a "lopsided" offspring that will forever seek out that which is lacking in the home among their peers and even undesirable older adults. It's no use to cry crocodile tears and show pity when dreadful things happen to our children. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. A responsible father is that ounce of prevention. Congrats to the National Association for the Family and the National Parenting Support Commission!

Donald J. Reece

Acting Pastor, St Richard's Church