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While Kingston burns

Published:Wednesday | March 18, 2015 | 11:05 PM

Last week the Riverton City dump smoke threatened a chikungunya-like epidemic in the Corporate Area. No one can say with authority if there will be any long-term life-threatening effects from this. The responses of some in the seat of power and even some of the general population are an eye opener.

I live in the Hallandale community. We have suffered for years from the noxious fumes from fires being lit in the gully. Apart from the stench which permeates your home leaving an undesirable odour and residue on curtains and laundry , we have no idea of the type of toxic substances emanating from these fires. Coupled with this is the apparent weakening of the gully floor and wall from the constant fires. So great is the damage that a part of the retaining wall of some homes have collapsed leaving the land and houses at risk.

On Friday March 13, at the peak of the smoke invasion from the dump the gardener of a neighbour chose to burn and when accosted was truculent saying the whole place was already filled with smoke.

There are fines for persons who break the la, but these do not appear to be a deterrent due to a lack of enforcement.

We have communicated the problem with various authorities - the police, health, fire, the councillor and member of parliament - without any success.

Where is our Minister of the Environment? He is embarrassingly silent since his promises of the last fire.

I was not at all pleased with the response of our Prime Minister. It reminds me of the fire which consumed Rome while Portia, sorry I meant Nero, played the fiddle.

Michael Ireland

48 Roehampton Close

Kingston 19