Wed | Aug 15, 2018

The articulate minority

Published:Thursday | March 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Our affinity for foreign products and people is simply amazing in Jamaica and it is reflected in even our media where, on Wednesday, despite so many social and economic problems and in the middle of a Budget debate, the United States president found himself on the front page of Jamaica's major newspapers simply because of an announcement he was coming.

Every day, we outdo ourselves with how easily we are distracted, and the Government has realised our inability to focus on pressing issues and has exploited that. I am not surprised that the announcement was strategic to distract the country from the issues of the day such as the Riverton fire, the police killing in Lawrence Tavern, and the Budget Debate. No wonder Robert Pickersgill calls many of us articulate minority and we are proving to be just that on a daily basis.

While Obama's visit is significant, in my mind, it is not as significant as the dreadful reality we wake up to each day with the high cost of living in this country. It is not as significant as the new taxes that we are going to be paying, and his visit is certainly not as significant as the national disgrace of the Riverton City dump fire which brought the city of Kingston to its knees last week.

We have to look into ourselves and realign our priorities and the things we take seriously. When Mr Obama comes, he won't get to see the dilapidated conditions the poorest of us live in. When Mr Obama leaves, whenever he does, we are going to be the ones left to address all that is wrong with the country. I like Mr Obama, but I love Jamaica more.