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How to fix Riverton City

Published:Thursday | March 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I note the word courage in the question ... and I am also assuming that this fire was started by people hoping to earn from this disaster. Having said that, my proposal is to solve the problem.

1) Relocate the communities around the dump.

2) Fence in the area and outlaw illegal entry to it.

3) No one should be allowed to earn a living picking items from the dump. Dump is dump. No government of any country should allow this activity!

4) Set up fire hydrants, water tanks and a stockpile of sand at strategic locations around and inside of the dump.

The size of Jamaica is 2.7 million acres. The population of Jamaica is 2.7 million people ... and the Government of Jamaica is the single largest landowner in Jamaica. We have adequate land space to relocate the people. Look on the population of Singapore and the size of the country!

Lastly, we might not find a person in politics who can manage waste management, this is not a good political fit!