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Simple Portia simply wrong

Published:Friday | March 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Simpson Miller


When a prime minister doesn't know when to send someone packing, he/she is not fit to hold that post.

The prime minister's assertion, that, because NSWMA executive director, Jennifer Edwards, didn't set the fire at the Riverton dump, there was no need for her to be relieved of her post, is silly, simplistic and sad.

This goes beyond the prime minister not understanding the principle of accountability. It is clear that she does not grasp basic issues of governance and leadership and the responsibilities thereof, let alone complex issues of national, regional and international importance. Even if the prime minister felt that Mrs Edwards did not deserve to be fired, an opinion which she is entitled to hold, her argument in support of that belief is fundamentally flawed.

Her answer to journalist Garfield Burford's question was one that I would expect from a primary school student, not a prime minister.

Patrick A. Gallimore