Tue | Jan 22, 2019

Handling garbage properly

Published:Saturday | March 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM


There is a belief that the nation's solid waste management begins and ends with the dump. The situation really starts at home, the office, the factory, the school, the restaurant and anywhere we as a people throw away our refuse. Do you know how many of the nation's 500,000-plus children drink from plastic bottles on a daily basis?

What is needed is a way to separate garbage at the places of origin. We need more garbage bins with multiple receptacles for different kinds of trash. There have been efforts to collect bottles from schools and other places for export, but why not bring the recycling plants here? Plastic bottles can be recycled to make the desks, chairs, doors and other fixtures needed by the nation's schools.

Waste collection must now be seen as both an art and science, and therefore, the persons and entities involved in garbage collection must understand that proper clothing, safety gear and vehicle management are some of the core functions that they must master.

I, from time to time, have had the dubious honour of driving behind the trucks now being used to collect garbage. If you want a mobile version of the dump, then that is where you want to be.

Monetising waste will encourage members of the public to see the value of recycling plastic bottles, bags, the other waste that come from homes and production enterprises.

I have a lot of doubt that this government can accomplish what I envision and I ask for the nation's support as waste management is directly linked to environmental management.

Mark Trought