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Holding on to hope

Published:Saturday | March 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM


It is said that while there is life, there is hope. Some years ago, a brilliant pastor said that this was not true. He said: "While there is hope there is life."

Hope is a vital tool - a powerful stimulant to keep us optimistic about the future, and also in keeping our expectations alive. When we speak about hope, or holding on to hope, we have to bring faith into the picture, because they both go hand in hand. Hoping for something is exercising our faith in waiting for it.

Is there hope for Jamaica? Pertaining to what? We are hoping to see a decline in the crime rate, and people being let out of the prisons of fear. We are hoping to see maximum protection for our nation's children, and an end being brought to the physical abuse of our women and young girls.

We are hoping to see strong economic growth, a rise in employment, and a positive turn around in the tourist industry; a better justice system and fair dealings.

Some of us are hoping to see the resumption of hanging and the death of dirty music. Our hope is to see wicked men change their hearts from stone, and stop their detrimental pursuits and wickedness.

We are hoping to see a cut in high electricity and water bills to reasonable rates.

We as a people are hoping to see many things done, and also to see remarkable changes. We are certainly hoping to see more love and unity among our people.

With hope and faith; we can keep on keeping on. With the help of God, we can have and maintain hope for a better Jamaica. Let us encourage one another in these challenging days of conflicts, turmoil and violence to hold on very tightly to hope and never let it go. And let's remember: faith is the victory that overcomes the world.

Donald J. Mckoy.