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We are ‘many’ but not ‘one’ until

Published:Sunday | March 22, 2015 | 11:03 PM


It is clear that (Prime Minister) Portia Simpson Miller will never ever demand accountability from those who are her personal allies and loyalists, distastefully rewarded with key public positions.

The Prime Minister has been given numerous opportunities to make actionable the sweet words of transparency, accountability, and good governance she used at her inauguration in 2012.

The Richard Azan matter, the NHT (National Housing Trust) matter and now the NSWMA (National Solid Waste Management Authority)/Jennifer Edwards matter are key examples.

Recall Azan admitted to breaking the law, but yet for a country rife with corruption and lawlessness there's nothing of consequence he can show for his admitted transgression. But he's a Portia loyalist.

Easton Douglas, the chairman of the NHT board, damaged public trust through his handling of the Outameni saga, buying property without business plan, etc. yet nothing to show for his transgression. But he's a Portia loyalist.

Now, Jennifer Edwards, the PM says, did not light the fire. So if the board did not act, we could well be preparing for 2016's fire under her leadership. But she's a Portia loyalist.

All of the incidents involving those people have touched at some core issues of democracy and the Prime Minister, in every instance, turns her frock tail at the public and runs to their defence rather than safeguarding the interests of the people.

The situations involving Azan, Edwards, and Douglas were prime for demonstrating to the country how serious her government is about changing the diseased culture of leadership and being Shylock-like in ensuring dear price is paid for transgressions.

How many times since her inaugural address has Portia returned to refresh her mind of what she promised? Is there anybody in the Cabinet who even reminds her of what she said?

Marlon Williams