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Letter of the day: MPs’ ignorance of ‘fish back'

Published:Monday | March 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Shame on those who are denying that fish back exists. It is a disgrace that so many persons are mocking the plight of the less fortunate among us. Shame on the Members of Parliament who sat in the chamber during Mr (Andrew) Holness' presentation and laughed wildly at the suggestion that people are actually eating fish back.

The insensitivity that took over centre stage in the House brought tears to my eyes and it is only because those who laugh are ignorant why they do so.

The outburst of laughter is an indication of how disconnected these people are with the reality of the ordinary citizens of the country. All who laughed in the Parliament lastThursday should all apologise for their unforgiving display of ignorance in what is supposed to be a respectable chamber of Jamaica.

We should actually thank Mr. Holness for bringing the unfortunate situation to the attention of the people. At least there is somebody who appears to be concerned about the suffering of the Jamaican people.

In fact, people are not eating fish back because they are opting for more nutritious meals. People are really suffering out there and they cannot afford anything else and so they have to turn to it. Instead of laughing, they should be embarrassed that the country has plunged to a new low where nothing seems affordable for the poor anymore or anyone as a matter of fact.

Juliet Patmore

Kingston 7