Sun | Oct 21, 2018

Impressed with Holness' speech

Published:Tuesday | March 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I was pleased with Andrew Holness' presentation in Parlia-ment last Thursday. Though the JIS stream online was not consistent, I found the patience to listen to a sober and well-reasoned speech by Mr Holness.

I give credit where credit is due; and Mr Holness deserves congratulations for stepping up his game with the Budget Debate. I can see that he made an effort to raise the level of the debate. Mr Holness, at the very least, gave Jamaicans a reason to believe that government can work to their benefit.

Of particular interest to me was his approach to discussing the issues relating to education and the economy. I think those issues were thoroughly addressed in his presentation, and I am appreciative of that. If that is the work so far of the Economic Advisory Council he established, I am inclined to be hopeful that Jamaica's economic problems can be solved in stages.

Mr Holness must, however, be mindful that formal presentation, debates and discussion are not greatly appreciated by most Jamaicans. Mr Holness will also need to complement his presentation with political work on the platform to prove that he is ready for the top job.

Nonetheless, Mr Holness should be encouraged to continue on the path that he is on, in terms of his approach to issues of governance, because I really believe that his presentation was solid. The prime minister needs to take a couple of pages from his book so we can have a contest of ideas and meaningful discussion in Parliament.