Mon | Sep 24, 2018

Can't the JLP ever grow up?

Published:Friday | March 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The recent malady plaguing the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leads one to conclude that the JLP is beyond tripping over its own internal squabbles and disunity.

It also leads one to ponder whether or not the JLP has an ethos in relation to its leadership which will allow the membership to offer support to whomever occupies that position, without resorting to gangs for and against, destabilising the party and its prospects as being a credible government-in-waiting.

The JLP often laments the People National Party's running of the country and posits itself as the better alternative where the economy. Yet, collectively, the party appears quite blinded by the fact that its own immaturity is what continues to stifle its fortunes with the electorate, as, in many respects, like the Jamaican economy under the PNP, the JLP lacks the maturity required if growth in any manner is to occur.

With the latest ruling of the court in the matter of Holness v Williams, the JLP, in my view, wasted much political mileage. Members within the party, consequent to the initial ruling of the court, were already of the view that the leader should have vacated his position. With the latest ruling, I only see those calls becoming louder and the leader's position, in light of both rulings of the court, becoming increasingly untenable.

For the sake of the Jamaican democracy, I wish the JLP would once and for all grow up!