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Letter of the Day: Take the fight to Ripon Road sex perverts

Published:Friday | March 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The disgusting video of a woman and her alleged 'patron' having sexual intercourse along Ripon Road (against a car) must be forwarded to the police, so that the requisite punitive action can be taken. We simply cannot sit back silently and tolerate this unacceptable, public display of lasciviousness.

Of note is the impact this behaviour can have on our children, as it relates to how they perceive the Jamaican society and their place in it. These people need to be arrested. They need to be taught that we will not tolerate this behaviour in our beloved country.

The spectacle was played out in broad daylight. It just goes to show how nonchalant and unconcerned we are about the examples society sets for our children.

At this juncture in our nation's social progression, we are faced with numerous challenges with our children. Wards of the State are victims of sexual violence and manipulation. Runaways concede to prostitution in order to survive a life on the streets. Homeless LGBTs are raped because of their sexual orientation. High-school students are engaging in all sorts of sexual adventures, whether in buses or taxis or on the roofs of plazas.

If our leadership - and I am speaking of leadership at ALL levels, not just the Government - refuses to address this issue with corrective action, what message are we sending to our beloved Jamaican babies?


bad for business


The STAR reporters indicated that the area is plagued with this "activity", undoubtedly to the detriment of the surrounding businesses. The assumption is, therefore, that this happens all the time! Ripon Road is a part of the KMR, a longstanding hub for business. Tell me, which decent person would want to proceed on their way to conduct business after bumping into this debauchery? And which business owner in the area would want to stay?

What is worse is that the police have indicated that they patrol the area frequently. Where were they when the sex act happened?

Shall we transform Ripon Road into a red-light district of sorts. The gains in that transformation are totally one sided - the 'performers' all gain and the rest of us - business people, consumers, taxpayers, the Government, law enforcement, you name it - we all lose.