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Letter of the day: Trigger-happy cops a menace to society

Published:Saturday | March 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM


With the recent outcry against the tragic and unfortunate shooting death of Joel Lovelace in the Bedward Gardens community, it is clear that the police force needs a complete restructuring of the methods it applies when carrying out its daily operations.

Another young and brilliant life, lost to the blatant, callous, and misguided efforts of members of the force when they decide to enter certain inner-city communities in pursuit of criminals. The family is now left to mourn the death of a loved one who, by all indications, was the prized "baby" of his father.

I was moved to tears as I watched and listened as the boy's father bemoaned, "Dem kill me baby." When a father has to weep so uncontrollably to the point of 'banning him belly', as we Jamaicans like to say, then we know the situation has really hit where it hurts most.

No amount of talking can bring back Joel, but the time for action is now! For far too long, we have allowed the police to ill-treat the poor and vulnerable persons in our society. There is no guarantee what they will do next. We bawl, block roads, and mash up di place and beckon for "justice". But where is this justice?

Do we even remember the Kavorn Shue catastrophe a few years ago on Jarrett Lane, or the Kentucky Kid case? What has come of these killings? Absolutely nothing! Just a lot of big talk.

The police call our women 'gyals', physically and psychologically abuse members of the public without any lawful justification, and whenever a situation becomes too intense, the next best option is to just shoot and kill. A few days ago, a man was slaughtered like an animal in the view of many persons. Over what? A spliff? A simple spliff?! Lord, we need you in this country.


Ja tough to police


We can all agree that Jamaica is a very tough society to police, but that still does not give the police the authority to breach the rights of our fellowmen. But why am I even surprised? Those of us who study history are aware of the underpinning reasons for the creation of the police force. It is clear that it's the same backward mentality that pervaded the society in those days which guides the thoughts and actions to some of its members today.

Mr Lovelace has now been deprived of the parental joy that comes with watching a son grow up to be a well-rounded and productive member of society. He will never get the chance to kiss his boy and to tell him how much he loves him.


Kingston 6