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Use rivers to Riverton dump

Published:Sunday | March 29, 2015 | 11:27 AM


I do not believe that the solution to the recurring problem being created by the dump is to move it from its current location, but here is my solution.

Construct a canal criss-crossing the whole area in an interlocking network.

Water for the canal can be sourced and gravity-fed from the nearby Duhaney River, Fresh River, the more reliable Rio Cobre or all of the above using a catchment system similar to the Hope River dam and aqueduct on the Gordon Town Road, above Papine. Of course, any concerns raised by the Jamaica Environment Trust, National Environment and Planning Agency, or Natural Resources Conservation Authority would be taken into account.

The various strategically placed canal gates would be controlled by a small team, who would close selected gates at intervals, allowing flooding in areas on a scheduled basis. The whole area would thus be kept permanently damp, thus eliminating, or greatly reducing, the risk of fire at a very low operating cost.

Our skilled land surveyors could determine the best positioning of the canals to allow maximum flow within each area.

Our Chinese friends could be pulled from road construction to deal with this higher priority. I am sure they could complete the whole network with the necessary intermittent, connecting overpasses within a few months.

This project can be funded by delaying the current highway construction work or some other capital projects where a temporary delay will not have significant impact.

With this, we need not ever have another fire at the Riverton City landfill or sacrifice another helpless National Solid Waste Management Authority bureaucrat.