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Digicel hijack smacks of 'bad mind'

Published:Tuesday | March 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM


If I had wanted to denigrate Digicel, I could not have done

a better job than it did itself

in the incident involving Michael O'Hara and the 'Be Extraordinary' incident on the final day of Champs 2015. The incident gave new meaning to the term 'ambush marketing'.

First, it would seem that the action was one of a desperate entity or the actions of an organisation without a moral compass, full of bad mind. No matter how I try to rationalise it, I come back to one conclusion: Digicel was not going to be left out of the most compelling sporting product in Jamaica - even if they did not pay to have the right to do so.

Second, it appears to me that Digicel has no qualms about exploiting and compromising the young man at the centre of all this. In my view, they have said to Mr O'Hara: "It is okay to be underhanded and take what does not belong to you."

Third, Mr O'Hara is now associated nationally and internationally with unethical behaviour. His trust value must now be at rock bottom.

Then I would like to ask, where were his 'handlers'? Did they turn a blind eye because Mr O'Hara was to become the newest Digicel track and field ambassador?

I would also like to ask where was Mr Corcho, the headmaster of Calabar, in all of this? The same Mr Corcho who is a very visible part of ISSA. Did he know beforehand, and did he sanction it?

Once again in Jamaica, fair play has been brushed aside in the interest of commercial gain and selfish objectives. What a shame!


St Mary