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Don't tolerate trading of students

Published:Tuesday | March 31, 2015 | 11:08 PMDr Paul Wright


An article in the In Focus section of The Sunday Gleaner ('Put a stop to athlete factories') written by sports journalist Ainsley 'Jimmie' Walters, along with stories in Monday's edition of The Gleaner (pages A1,A2, and B1) concretises an opinion of mine that "children are bought and sold" as it was some 300 years ago.

I do believe that we, the people, can do something about it. We are well aware that telling the police what you know helps ... eventually (hopefully) and we congratulate Minister Ronald Thwaites and the Ministry of Education for their attempts at halting the trading of our children for the sole purpose of winning at sports.

However, the introduction of ambush marketing at Champs moves this dastardly practice to new heights - or depths.

I suggest that every Jamaican who disapproves of the use of children as commodities (to be bought and sold to the highest bidder) should withdraw support for the telecommunication organisation so fingered. That will send a real message to the perpetrators.

Hurt them in their pockets and save our children.

PAUL WRIGHT (Dr)paulwright1948@yahoo.com