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Letter of the day: Bipartisan Cabinet dream team

Published:Tuesday | March 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM


What happens when one party leader is a key member of the inarticulate majority and frequently embarrassing, while the other is constitutionally ignorant, politically inept and talks way too much about way too many things? We end up with a two-party system and no credible leadership on either side.

For four-plus years, I have just been waiting for a change from the 'worse and worser'. I want one party leader to pack her bags and retire. I want the other party leader to pack his bags and go back to school. It is a frustrating and hopeless state of affairs.

I started to dream. I have been dreaming of excellence, the best man or woman for each job, regardless of their affiliation. I even dreamed that Senator Tufton would be named minister of agriculture by Sister P in 2012. Yeah, right! When will Jamaica ever reach that level of political maturity?

I posted my dream team on Facebook and was encouraged to share it with Jamaica.


Prime Minister: Delroy Chuck

1. Minister of defence, attorney general: Delroy Chuck

2. Minister of finance, planning, foreign trade, industry, investment, commerce: Peter Bunting

3. Minister of land, agriculture, fisheries, mining, energy, environment: Christopher Tufton

4. Minister of health, wellness: Dayton Campbell

5. Minister of science, technology, information: Julian Robinson

6. Minister of education, youth: Kamina Johnson Smith

7. Minister of transport, works, water, housing: Omar Davies

8. Minister of national security, justice: Mark Golding

9. Minister of culture, entertainment, sports, tourism, foreign affairs: Lisa Hanna

10. Minister of labour, social security: Clive Mullings (give him a Senate seat)

11. Minister of local government, community development: Luther Buchanan

Every Jamaican will have something negative to say about this team, but that is not the point. The point is that we need to make some serious changes in our mindsets. We need to dream higher, better, stronger, wiser; and we need to make our dreams a reality for a brighter future for Jamaica.

What is your dream team?