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Name and shame Riverton chicken dumpers

Published:Tuesday | March 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM


While the nation contemplates the recent loss in business activity and, more so, the hazard presented to health and the likely long-term effects of the smoke nuisance released into the atmosphere, we should also consider how major players in the economy, such as established businesses, have contributed to the malady that is the Riverton dump.

To do this, we should consider what the requirements are by law for the disposal of commercial waste, for example, rejected meat, which finds its way into the marketplace, where it is likely sold to unsuspecting customers, attracted by the economy of price.

I fear a lot of the ills of our society is borne out of the shackle-less laws that are on our books, yet not being enforced by the agencies that are charged with enforcement. Who inspects importers of meat or local producers of the commodity to ensure that meat that is substandard is properly disposed of, and presumably not at Riverton? To whom do they report?

Why isn't the public made aware of compliance in this area and all other areas where commercial waste should otherwise not be disposed of at Riverton, yet is, and for the affected companies to be brought to book for their breach of the law?

Where is the social and corporate responsibility of these companies whose rejected meat is being disposed of at Riverton? They should be named and shamed.