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Obama clean-up for Kingston Harbour?

Published:Tuesday | March 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Early Monday morning, I drove to the Norman Manley International Airport. On the way back, I was looking forward to the chance of viewing the silver water in Kingston Harbour and reflecting on its usual morning calmness. I was, however, in for a rude awakening, because my attention was jolted to take cognisance of the unsightly detritus of plastic bottles and other interloping organic polymer flotsam scarring the surface all along the coastline.

I suspect that there is a correlation between this unseemly build-up and the rains Sunday, which transformed the gullies into a virulent waste-transport system. Destination: Kingston Harbour.

Now, I have every confidence that there will be a major clean-up effort ahead of April 9 - after all, we can't risk our distinguished visitor, on his way from the airport, taking a casual look out of his left window, and then pulling back into his seat to reflect on what kind of people would so disrespect one of their greatest and most beautiful treasures. So I will applaud the imminent cleaning of the harbour.

But after our visitor leaves, what? Are we going to tolerate this ugly stockpiling until the next distinguished visitor graces us with her/his presence? Or are we going to put in place the apposite policies and legislation, the appropriate monitoring mechanisms and effectively responsive mitigation and enforcement systems to safeguard against the suffocation of Kingston Harbour?

It is time to act!