Thu | Aug 16, 2018

The ugly side of Champs

Published:Tuesday | March 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Once again, Champs has delivered some mind-boggling performances that will be discussed for years to come. However, a rather distasteful and unpleasant incident was alleged to have taken place on Friday over by the Stadium East field.

Your Gleaner writer, Shayne Fairman, wrote that he witnessed a coach of a popular high school 'boxing' a young female athlete in the face and then demanding that she boarded the bus and go home.

Now, while this incident pales in comparison to those publicly reported of late, this coach should be exposed and never allowed to coach children anymore.

Why should an adult with such temperament be allowed around children? Is this the end of the matter for The Gleaner? Do the right thing, please, and prevent any other abuse from this coach.