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The making and preservation of history

Published:Thursday | April 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I had the privilege of attending the 85th anniversary service of Camperdown High School and heard of the vision and sacrifice of the founder, Mrs Ivy Grant. In a celebratory service, there were tributes to former principals, the alumni and we saw the talent of the current students demonstrated in a variety of ways, including a band and in speeches as well as the importance of the church's contribution. The current students listened, thought, and breathed in the possibilities of who they could become and how to develop their talent. They were sitting in Jamaica's historic Government Conference Centre.

I want to use the opportunity to appeal to those who manage this valuable part of our heritage. Let us ensure that the decay evident in the Conference Centre is addressed: missing bricks in the driveway, out-of-service elevators. I had a sense of creeping 'decrepitude' as I looked across the buildings in the immediate vicinity. We want to instill pride and a sense of achievement in the nearly 2,000 students who currently attend Camperdown and all of our school-aged children. When they enter the Conference Centre, it should take their breaths away.

I sensed the presence of The Hon Gloria Knight, who oversaw the building of the Conference Centre. We have to do better in the recognition and care of our heritage. It is what our ancestors have passed on to us, the subject of sacrifice and vision and the provision of the foundation of the future. Congratulations to the Camperdown family.

Hilary Robertson-Hickling (Dr)