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Treat me like royalty, Portmore LPG

Published:Saturday | April 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Portmore LPG Supplies Ltd needs to learn a thing or two about customer service.

On numerous occasions, after ordering a gas cylinder and being assured that it would arrive on the day I ordered it, more often than not, it arrives a day or two later, which causes great inconvenience.

Additionally, after querying a recent similar mishap, via the phone, I was spoken to in a very condescending, rude and inappropriate manner by a customer service agent and treated as if I were at fault, and not the company, for not having received my gas cylinder.

I had done my part, but, in traditional manner, the company did not live up to its word. To add insult to injury, I did not receive apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Finally, I received my gas cylinder, but, having been treated as if I were a nuisance, that will be the last time I do business with that particular company. Having been a long-standing customer who orders gas cylinders for not one but two locations, I should be treated like royalty. 'The customer is king' does not seem to resonate with this company.

Too often, consumers in Jamaica are treated very poorly by customer service agents. Thankfully, we have the power, in most cases, to take our business elsewhere. And that is exactly what I'll be doing as soon as my current gas cylinder runs its course. Enough is enough!