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ISSA twisting truth on Champs ticket chaos

Published:Monday | April 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to the president of ISSA, the organisation that stages the annual Boys and Girls' Champs, Dr Walton Small, from a loyal Champs supporter.

Dr Small, let me first congratulate you and your executive for continuing to be of service to one of Jamaica's most important yearly athletic events. However, I must express my absolute disgust about the 'pop-down' way in which the event has been managed over the years. Frankly, you have been president for nearly 10 years now and the competition is yet to get to the world standard it deserves.

How on earth can persons, days in advance, secure tickets for the event, but be unable to get in because the venue is too crowded? Most events at stadiums around the world some with 100,000 attendees, do not have this problem, as event organisers see to it that everyone who purchases tickets get their rightful place.


Small's statement about not overselling tickets brings no justice to the hundreds outside struggling to get in with tickets in hand. There was literally a riot on the outside as persons, including children, were doing all they could to get inside after spending thousands of dollars on tickets. Do you plan to refund these people? What about people who were injured in the scuffles outside the stadium while you, your executive and sponsors LIME and Grace were comfortably seated inside?

Can't you have the decency to look into these matters? This is mayhem and heads must roll. GraceKennedy and LIME also need to break their silence on this. Something is wrong when what looked liked hundreds of people with tickets were unable to get in. Those of us stuck in the confusion want a full and independent investigation. This cannot be allowed to slide.


Frustrated Champs Supporter