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No, Laurie, KC will win on track

Published:Wednesday | April 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Laurie Foster, you have a nerve! While I support your right to your opinion, I must record my disagreement with you that Kingston College should seek the disqualification of Michael O'Hara and the culling of any points that he contributed to Calabar High School's victory. That, Mr Foster, is not the spirit of Fortis.

As a KC old boy (and I know that I speak for the majority of the Fortis alumni), let me state that Michael O'Hara's athletic brilliance is admired and celebrated by us. His was the zenith of a brilliant performance by a well-prepared Calabar team.

We at Kingston College recognise the Red Hills Road aggregration as formidable adversaries. We congratulate them on a deserved and closely fought victory. We will only accept victory on the Stadium track.

Richard Blackford

Coral Springs, Florida