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Schoolers' cruel action towards the needy

Published:Thursday | April 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I watched a most upsetting video clip carried by CVM TV on its programme 'Live at 7', on Tuesday, April 7, 2015, with at least five schoolchildren, mostly dressed in uniform, who taunted and physically abused a homeless and mentally ill man, by taking turns and slapping him across his face over money in a public space.

The action of those schoolers is a signal that they are on the path to becoming violence producers which, undoubtedly, will contribute to the already uncontrollably high crime rate in our country.

Dr Patrece Charles-Freeman, executive director of the National Parenting Support Commission, who was one of the guests on the programme, suggested that these perpetrators (the abusive schoolboys from the clip) would require professional help to steer them back on the right path. My suggestion to Charles-Freeman is that the mentality of those boys is a product of what is commoditised in society, and which is marketed as 'normal', and 'professional help' alone is not the solution.

Parents have an important role in what values and principles they demonstrate to their children and what they instil in them. No amount of professional help can 'save' our young men from becoming hardened criminals unless parents do their jobs properly, and the justice system must impose actions by way of discipline, since responsible actions and culpability do not start and stop with the adults.