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Plea to baby killer to turn self in

Published:Friday | April 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM


In the midst of such a historic event with President Obama visiting, my heart is overwhelmed and saddened at the life having been taken from the 11-month-old baby Lindo on Chancery Lane over Easter.

I keep questioning myself as to why these men, whose lives will turn out to be nothing, not even a memory, keep robbing the nation of its future, its children.

Murderers, you have a conscience, and this article is written to wake up these senses that your actions affect many lives for many years.

There is a judgement that we will all face. What do you think yours will be? The anger of revenge lasts for a time, but the act of revenge lasts for generations.

I am pleading with the killer of baby Lindo to turn himself in to the police. The prayers of hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans and the efforts of the police will reap success. This one will not be forgotten and has scarred our minds.

Many Jamaicans are hurt by the death of baby Lindo and pray that his mother seek strength of patience and comfort from the Almighty. Be confident that his murderer will bear the consequences of his actions.