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People's Report: Ugly roadside shacks and vagrants

Published:Saturday | April 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM

I will not fault the administration for removing the street sellers and the street people for the visit of US President Barack Obama. They did GREAT in cleaning up.

Many of us have issue with it happening for only a few hours. Now we know that they have the ability to do it, why can't we enforce the laws on the books regarding vagrancy, loitering and littering?

We are also talking about common decency and taking care of the mentally challenged. Now we have proof that we can do better, so it seems we just don't want to! There is just no political utility for both administrations - yes, no convenience and practicality despite being improper or immoral.

'God don't like ugly.' It is wrong to assume that to 'eat a food', you have to be 'chaka-chaka'! It befuddles the mind when I see people buying food in smelly, fly-infested surroundings. And don't talk to me about the poor as if it equates with mess and disarray, because it doesn't!

I have seen some beautiful roadside shops that are quaint, clean and pleasant. We could have a successful cottage industry for the manufacture of beautiful, uniformed stalls with conveniences! We could have competitions for the best designed and maintained set of informal shops, but these cannot be situated on roadways or sidewalks - that's breaking the law.

I don't mind if you disagree, but I love clean surroundings, and we shouldn't let people live on the streets, even if they want to.