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People's Report: Watch out for missing expiry dates

Published:Saturday | April 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM

On Wednesday, I visited a well-known supermarket chain in western Jamaica to purchase groceries. I was immediately drawn to the juice display. The cooler was packed with a variety of local and imported juices.

As a Jamaican who buys Jamaican, I was intrigued by the new look of the packaging of a large juice box with a neat screw-top cover, something that would attract any ordinary buyer. To top it off, it read 100 per cent freshly squeezed orange juice.

I immediately picked up the item and examined the box. To my amazement, there was no expiry date on the box. For a moment, I thought I was having vision problems, so I sought the help of the cashier, who took the package to the manager.

The manager got on the phone and was in a conversation with another party. At the end of the conversation, I was directed to a section of the box where the date was supposed to have been placed.

Is this an error or it was not meant to be? As a result, I chose to leave the juice, as I could not tell how long it had been on the shelf or what was the shelf life of that item.

Please get it right!