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Dillsbury Avenue is a total wreck

Published:Tuesday | April 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM


It's a shame and disgrace that local authorities have continued to ignore the appallingly deplorable condition of Dillsbury Avenue. Dillsbury Avenue connects Jacks Hill Road and Millsborough Avenue, and is heavily traversed by a wide range of citizens, sometimes using it as a shortcut to avoid the Barbican Road traffic.

Dillsbury Avenue is home to almost a dozen townhouse complexes. With the construction of the last two over the past year, the destruction of the road has come to a head. Running water from National Water Company construction, and building materials such as aggregate, dirt and rubble that are left on the roadway for months, continue to impede traffic and further destroy the road.

Heavy construction equipment and trucks carrying construction materials further fatigues and breaks away the surface. While the parties responsible for construction have promised to fix the roads once they have completed their works, the road remains unfixed.

The potholes they created continue to widen, and have become so big and deep that it is not uncommon to burst a tyre or damage the front end of your car.

It is not all of us who drive SUVs, and it is becoming unbearable to use either end of the road.

We are calling for the National Works Agency, the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation and other relevant authorities to come to our rescue.


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