Tue | Aug 14, 2018

Marley woulda bun a fire pon Obama

Published:Wednesday | April 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Moments after having arrived in Jamaica, Barack Obama made an apparent beeline to Bob Marley Museum, claiming to be that big fan and all.

However, there are certain undeniable facts about Bob Marley that I know, and it is that he smoked marijuana, which was illegal at the time, and he could have easily been sent to prison in the United States (US), just as Marcus Garvey was in earlier times, albeit for a different crime. But a crime is a crime.

If you're going to ban ganja, you must ban cigarette smoking, too, so that elusive silver bullet that I heard Obama talking about may have already lodged in his brain, causing him not to see the hypocrisy of the laws of the United States which he governs.

Bob Marley would never countenance a US president who passed laws supporting the gay lifestyle. Personally, I could not give a hoot what these people do, but I know that Bob would have put some serious fire pon dem.

The only commonality I know about Bob Marley and Obama is that they are the products of multiracial parents.