Tue | Aug 14, 2018

Public agencies, servants have let down Jamaica

Published:Wednesday | April 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM


It is unquestioned that good-performing public institutions are necessary for achieving economic development. My contention based on recent experience is that Jamaica's low performance over the years is largely because of institutional failures.

I am aware that Jamaica has enacted the Secured Interest in Personal Property, and it no doubt accepts the Legal Empowerment UN Resolution which related to property and business rights. I cannot, therefore, accept that it has been 20 years, a fact confirmed by the contractor general, that my brother purchased a piece of land in St Mary and cannot receive a title. This is because of reasons unexpressed to the public defender or apparently the ministers of local government and lands, and Cabinet secretaries, all of whom I have contacted (of course, without their response), both the St Mary Parish Council and National Land Agency refused to act. It is only the prime minister or commissioner of police that are left for me to ask to intervene.

It is no surprise why we have had the solid waste debacle and so many poor performers, as reported by the hard-working auditor general.


Kingston 8