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Thank you, St Catherine High

Published:Thursday | April 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I write to express appreciation to the Department of Agricultural Science for working with the current grade 11 students. I must confess that, when my daughter chose agricultural science as her practical, I was somewhat puzzled. However, I decided to give her my support. Students' outcome is usually measured by CSEC grades, but based on my observation, the knowledge garnered by my daughter surpasses preparation for CSEC, and I am seeing emerging professions such as an economist, an entrepreneur and an agriculturalist, especially entrepreneur and agriculturalist occupations that are essential for nation building.

I must congratulate the department. Despite the daily challenges and limited resources, it was able to do the following:

n A well-documented and supervised Practical Experience in Poultry Rearing and Crop Production, which culminated with the School Based Assessment;

n Two days visit to Bodles Research Centre, where students observed and participated in several agricultural procedures that they had only theoretical knowledge of;

n Organising a Whatsapp Study Forum dedicated to agricultural science, where students share their knowledge while consulting with the teacher.

Thank you, Ian Lewin and Phiona Scott, for preparing our children to face the real world.

Olga M. Morgan