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Gay rights agenda an 'Obamination'

Published:Friday | April 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM


To say that the vast majority of Jamaicans experienced being star-struck by Barack Obama, as he visited our shores just recently, would be to state the obvious. What is not so obvious to many is the subtle connection between his visit and the administering of a certain booster shot in the arm of the gay-rights movement in Jamaica.

Certainly, seeds were planted in favour of the gay-rights agenda, which only time will show them growing and blooming to full strength.

Angeline Jackson, the lesbian youth leader singled out by Obama for honorary mention at the much-touted town-hall meeting, can testify without a doubt, and her Facebook page has been awash with those sentiments ever since.

Few probably saw the connection between Obama's visit and the coincidental appearance of a rainbow upon his departure, but might I share my gut feeling? What are the odds? The rainbow is the chosen symbol of the gay movement, and Obama is the chief supporter/promoter of the gay movement around the world (with even his own appointed ambassador/envoy for the LGBT movement). Is it coincidental that the cameras captured a 'telling' picture of a rainbow 'encircling' his presence in Jamaica?

My gut feeling tells me that God may just be the one opening our eyes to the real spirit that attends Obama's presidency, by allowing a rainbow to show up (as captured by the cameras) just as he happens to be departing Jamaica.

What real or lasting influence has Obama's visit had on the gay-rights agenda and movement in Jamaica? Only time will tell. But the connection between the homosexual abominations (according to the Bible), and Obama's influence on the gay movement globally (which I call 'Obamination') is not hard to see.


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