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The sky is falling! He's got a Qu'ran!

Published:Friday | April 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Authorities in Suriname reported that a St Mary boy was denied entry into that country after it was theorised that he was heading to The Netherlands, then to Turkey, to join Islamic State. This case highlights a level of mental slavery, classism and ignorance among our

leaders and perpetuated among our police.

This is a child of poor, black rural people, highlighting the fact or fiction of a Qu'ran found at his house trying to prove the theory of the Surinamese authorities. At one stage in Jamaica, you could be arrested for being in possession of subversive or communist literature, e.g., Mao's Little Red Book, The Communist Manifesto, anything on Che Guevara or even Fidel Castro.

There are some prominent persons in society who have been persecuted for either having such literature or even speaking too much and enlightening persons about their own people. Does anyone recall Walter Rodney being refused entry to Jamaica?

Are we on our way back to those Dark Ages where now you can be refused entry to countries and locked up for having a view or literature not supported by the most powerful countries on earth? Why have the intellectuals/leaders among us all been frightened into a corner of self-imposed ignorance of convenience?


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